My Natural Hair washday routine

Hello guys, how are y’all doing? Today I want to share my typical washday routine. I love reading about the routines of fellow naturals, getting new tips and product recommendations.

Prepoo: I did a hot oil treatment the night before, that served as my prepoo. I used a mixture of coconut oil with a few drops of lavender and tea tree oil. I warmed it up and applied it and left it overnight because I couldn’t be bothered to rinse it off that night.

You can choose to prepoo with a simple mix of any conditioner and oil of your choice.

Cleanse: I used this Dark and Lovely shampoo to cleanse my scalp. It was my first time using the shampoo and it was okay. I’m not too particular about my shampoo to be very honest. I just want something that gets the job done.

Condition: I used my v05 conditioner to condition my hair. I use it for co-washing too. It’s affordable and effective. Nothing special.

Deep conditioning: I applied the Cantu deep treatment masque and covered with a shower cap, then I tied a scarf over it and continued with my chores. I even left my house with the scarf (don’t judge me😔). I shared 5 of my favorite deep conditioners here.

Tip: Use a steam cap to incorporate heat and save time.

Detangling: I used a generic brand detangler, it’s cheap and gets the job done so I don’t need a fancy detangler. I used a large tooth comb to detangle because I can’t be bothered to use my fingers.

Tip: If your deep conditioner has enough slip, you don’t need a separate detangler.

I rinse off all the product and use an old T Shirt to absorb excess water (Disclosure: I don’t do this all the time, some times I just use a towel)

Moisturize: I apply a leave in conditioner and coconut oil. Then finish up with my shea butter mix (I shared my DIY here).

Then I put my hair in mini twists. Mini twists are my go to protective style, it’s super easy and convenient.

That concludes my wash day routine. It might seem long and complex but it really isn’t. I tried to break it down as much as possible. I do this about once a month. You can decide how often you want to do yours.

What is your wash day routine like? What tips do you recommend? Please share in the comments. Thank you for reading.

P.S. If you have any questions on hair maintenance, or you want recommended products, I’m your girl. I also sell hair products and tools at very affordable prices. Contact me on 08085080634 (WhatsApp only). Thank you💕


6 thoughts on “My Natural Hair washday routine

  1. I love how simple your wash routine is and how you’re not picky about your products, as long as they do the job. In the natural hair community people are so attached to the expensive products when they can also find a very cheap products that does the same or even better job.

    My wash day is similar to yours except that I do prepoo in the same day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I like to use products that are effective and affordable. My washday is simple because I’m way too impatient for extras, so I stick to the basics. Thank you for reading and commenting❤


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