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My Top 5 Disney Movies of all Time

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my little corner on the internet. Honestly, it’s been too long and I miss blogging. I miss sharing my thoughts about random stuff and just owning my space on Beyoncé’s internet. I know the face of blogging has changed. Things are different but I just want to keep sharing what’s… Continue reading My Top 5 Disney Movies of all Time

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Write Down The Vision

I'm not entirely sure of how to begin this blogpost. It's been so long that I've forgotten the art of writing introductory statements. Let me just apologize for going off on y'all. I've missed you guys and I hope you've missed me too. I hope I've gotten my life together to the point where I… Continue reading Write Down The Vision

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Hey you! Yes, you! We’ve officially entered January 2018, as in 2018 has landed. You’re probably still reflecting on 2017, wondering what went wrong, and basking in things that went right. Perhaps the year was straight up fire for you, or perhaps you felt like throwing yourself off a cliff by the end of the… Continue reading HOW TO SNATCH 2018’S HAIRLINE – GUEST POST