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My current skincare routine 

Hello beautiful people, Recently I made some changes to my skincare routine to deal with certain issues. I want to share my current skincare routine with y'all. Cleansing  I use Johnson's facecare gentle exfoliating wash. Previously, I used the Neutrogena facial bar for acne prone skin but I changed to this because its mildly exfoliating.… Continue reading My current skincare routine 

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My top five affordable deep conditioners 

Hello beautiful people, long time no hair post.  I'm big on using affordable but effective products because there's simply not enough money to be spending anyhow (Check here). Deep conditioning is a huge part of hair care, so it's necessary to find a way of doing it without breaking the bank.  There are so many affordable… Continue reading My top five affordable deep conditioners 

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31 day Blog Challenge- Introduction 

Hello beautiful people,  I'm acutely aware that I've neglected this space for a long time. BTW, have you checked out my new post here?  I started a 30 day social media challenge on Instagram but it failed because so many things came up and I couldn't continue. However, I'm not about to give up. I'm doing this 31… Continue reading 31 day Blog Challenge- Introduction 

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Affordable and Budget-friendly Haircare

Hello beautiful people, it's been quite a long time. I want to start this post with an announcement. "Unfortunately, due to the economic recession in Nigeria (side eyes presido), my product junkie aspirations are on hold. LOL.... you thought it was something serious, didn't you?  But on a serious note, it is important to figure… Continue reading Affordable and Budget-friendly Haircare

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My 2016 faves

Hello beautiful people, I wanted to do a "2016 in retrospect" post but I decided to change it up a bit, narrow it down to the things I loved last year.  As for the unpleasant things, let's just leave the past behind us, shall we?  Here we go, my favourite:Hair product: I have to say,… Continue reading My 2016 faves

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My hair faves and pet peeves

Hello beautiful people, how are your holidays going?So, today I want to share the things I love about natural hair so sit back and enjoy.My natural hair faves1. Deep conditioning: See, naturalistas will agree with me, the feel of freshly deep conditioned hair is bae. Deep conditioning is like hair sorcery, it takes hair from… Continue reading My hair faves and pet peeves

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My Beauty Africa Expo Haul

​Hello beautiful people, how’s your week going? So, I attended the recently concluded Beauty Africa Expo and it was fun. I took some pictures of the event but I didn't like how they turned out so I just deleted them. I absolutely love watching haul videos on YouTube, it feeds my product junkie tendencies. I… Continue reading My Beauty Africa Expo Haul