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Write Down The Vision

I’m not entirely sure of how to begin this blogpost. It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten the art of writing introductory statements. Let me just apologize for going off on y’all. I’ve missed you guys and I hope you’ve missed me too. I hope I’ve gotten my life together to the point where I can give you new stuff regularly.

People, we’re in mid-October. How did that happen? One minute, I was thinking about what I want my 2018 to be like and now, we’re in the last quarter already.

How has 2018 been to You? How are you faring? How are your goals looking? Are you still on track?

I want to share how my 2018 has been. This post was written and edited in Lagos traffic so it’s going to be a bit all over the place. Bear with me.

When the year began, I decided to write my 2018 vision. I wrote it in present tense as if they had all already happened. I also wrote down rudimentary plans on how I would achieve this vision.

Guess What?? Every single one of those things have come to pass. Every one. They didn’t come in the way I expected and not in the package I envisioned but I’m not doing badly.

Now that I’ve gotten most of what I prayed to get this year, am I happy? This is a rabbit hole I don’t want to go into. Let’s just say I’m trying to be happy.

It’s funny how different stages in life come with different set of challenges. At this time last year, I had a different set of issues compared to now. I’m trying my best though. At least, I think I am.

Major things happened this year, for me and for those I love. People got married, had kids, made huge career moves etc. I also had one of the biggest scares of my life this year. I’m still recovering from the scare.

I met amazing people this year, people that have broadened my horizon, people that inspire me with the way they live their lives. I also let go of some friendships this year. Some out of circumstances, some out of necessity and some out of pride.

My blog goals for this year fell flat, maybe because I didn’t pay so much attention to it. I started an Instagram page for something I’m passionate about: women. I want to showcase women from different spheres of life living their best lives. The page is: @thewomeniknowng. Please guys, show some love.

I started the page on a good note, but work totally enveloped all other parts of my life and I have backtracked. I want to know how you guys plan your social media and blog posts. A physical planner is no longer practical for me, is there a digital planner y’all recommend?

Am I living my best life? Maybe not. But my motto now is: I might not have the life that I desire but at least I can make the best of what I have.

This year, I learnt the importance of writing down my goals. That’s a lesson I can share with you guys. Write that goal, dream or plan and make it happen!! Use a journal, write it on your wall, make a vision board….whatever works for you.

I already know what my 2019 goals will look like: Deliberate growth, Personal Development, Consistency, Cultivating and Maintaining healthy friendships. I also need to figure out what my best life would be and work towards achieving it.

Dear readers, how has 2018 been to you? What are some goals that you crushed this year and what are some you want to achieve next year? Please share with me in the comments. Also please recommend a digital planner for blogposts and social media posts. Thanks.

Thank you so much for reading. Till next time, remain moisturizedđź’‹

2 thoughts on “Write Down The Vision

  1. Hi! Earlier this year, you participated in my survey for bloggers on the use of illustrations. I released a mini collection of free artwork on my blog. Now, I’m pleased to announce I have a portfolio on Canva.com, which will make it so much easier for you to remix my art in a wide variety of templates and formats–Instagram posts, Facebook banners, print materials and more. Please bookmark and share my growing portfolio, if you like what you see. I’m currently rolling out a holiday collection, but there’s much more to come!
    Thanks again for your support!đź’—

    Love this article. Writing down the vision is a message I’ve received over and over and I am seeing the power in it. I’m glad you’re seeing results as well. And i know exactly what you mean when you ask “am I happy?” now that you’ve achieved what you set out to. I’ve come to realize that along with new accomplishments comes new challenges, such that sometimes I don’t have time to marvel over how much I’ve done. Which is good (means I’m busy working towards bigger goals) and bad (means I need to pause and appreciate what I have, remember when I use to lament not having it). Success, big and small, seems to be an ever evolving journey, never a stopping point and so too do the moments of joy ebb and flow with along with it. I just try to keep pushing through it all, knowing that at least I am going on the right direction.

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    1. Thank you for this comment. Success is really an evolving journey, there’s really no permanent destination/definition. I just have to keep appreciating how far I’ve come and keep pushing forward. I’ll check out your portfolio on canva at once. Thank you

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