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Hey you! Yes, you! We’ve officially entered January 2018, as in 2018 has landed. You’re probably still reflecting on 2017, wondering what went wrong, and basking in things that went right. Perhaps the year was straight up fire for you, or perhaps you felt like throwing yourself off a cliff by the end of the year (like I low-key did – it’s complicated.) Either way, here you are, alive and reading this.

Internet Dictionary
Snatching Hairlines: a quirky term, used in the internet world to succinctly describe a reaction to something amazing, or ruthless. E.g. that lady looked so good in that dress, it snatched my hairline.

Get it now? Don’t be scared, we’re not actually snatching your real hairlines (some of us don’t even have much of a hairline to begin with – but I digress).

2018 is a year most people have been looking forward to (like other years), as they do when things don’t exactly go right in the previous year. We can’t always be blamed for things not going right, because sometimes, life just happens. You don’t get the opportunities you want, you start the year off with certain expectations only to be deflated by the end of the year. Well, I am here to offer some pretty handy tips on how to snatch 2018’s hairline. Make 2018 know that you are here to stay.

Make God a Necessity
Yes folks, God is the keyword for this year and pretty much every year. Though I’ve not been as close as I should be to God, there is no doubt that without his invisible actions, I’d have been in way more trouble. I entered one chance in December 2017, and even though I might like to say thank God I read those forwarded Whatsapp messages and Facebook posts, at the end of the day, it’s only God that could’ve helped me catch sense quickly enough to say ‘peace out’ to those weirdos.

If you haven’t gotten your prayer life together, please try. Start looking for resources that’ll help you, because we can’t let our spiritual life slack. Do you know how much the spiritual affects the physical? #saynotolukewarm sis. I’m trying to sound easy-going as possible, but let’s not forget that Jesus is coming very soon!

Take Care of Yourself
Self care has been the trend in the last year, and it’s only coming back with a force this year! Care for your skin, and do the little things to make yourself feel good both inside and outside.

Be it making better healthy eating decisions (personally I’m trying to go the whole year without soft drinks), or treating yourself to a beautiful facial mask (DIY or branded) or body scrub now and then. Taking care of yourself need not be a huge, oh-so-extra step. It also doesn’t involve breaking your account. It’s all in the little things.

Set Goals (Let them be SMART too)

Setting of goals is a cliché we all do every year. No matter how many blog posts speak against setting new years resolutions, I am of the believe that though you can’t change into the perfect person overnight, you can take little steps each day to improve. So, set goals – personal, financial, material, educational, career, interpersonal – and make sure they’re realistic.

I mean, sure it would be nice to have a private jet, but is that really what you need at this phase in life? If you’re a student trying to keep your GPA from going underwater, how will private jet help your life? You feel me? Set goals, divide them further into months and even weeks if possible. Ask yourself who do I want to be at the end of the year, as opposed to new year new me.

As for me, by the end of this year I see myself as someone with direction. Someone who has become sort of a force, a person who has come to be much closer to God. I want to embody the meaning of #GIRLBOSS, from my wardrobe choices, to my intellectual abilities. I just want to be more organized.

Oh yea, I’m going to need to expand my culinary prowess beyond Indomie and Jollof rice (not because ‘wife material’ but because a girl needs to eat), as well as force myself to realize that salad is not death. Apart from these, I have other goals, but the major one is making heaven no matter what.

And those, my folks, are my 3 tips for snatching 2018’s hairline. Gosh, I don’t really like saying ‘this year will be my year’ because I hope every year will be my year. If you’ve had a bad 2017, I wish you all the best for 2018 and beyond! You can do it, you will overcome, and you will not remain stagnant.

Oh yeah, you’re wondering if an alter ego has suddenly possessed the author of this blog. Nope, it’s just someone else writing.
I’m Amaka of Mind of Amaka, find me –

17 thoughts on “HOW TO SNATCH 2018’S HAIRLINE – GUEST POST

  1. Thanks Amaka, I must confess I thought it was a post on natural hair lol. Great useful tips. It’s like you are in my head, these tips are exactly on my goals this year. It’s good to know I am not alone on that. The God factor can’t be emphasized enough, it just what we need this year. A deeper relationship with God this year is top on my list of goals. Thanks once again, I really enjoyed the post.

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    1. Lmao that was my motive, trick all of you into clicking since you’re used to natural hair related content! Unfortunately the natural life is not for me rn lol. Yes to the God factor! We all need it


  2. I literally haven’t heard of the slang “snatch hairline” before this post. It’s alroght, we learn everyday.
    Here I go, snatching hairlines this year
    (I’m sure I said that wrong 😭)

    Idle head

    Liked by 1 person

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