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My thoughts on: I’m judging you.

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my first blogpost on sharing my thoughts on books (see here)

When I first saw this book by Luvvie Ajayi, I was intrigued. The cover and the title got me interested (yes, I judge books by their cover)

In Ms. Luvvie’s words, “I’m Judging You changes the game and snatches wigs one page at a time. It is a guide to getting some act-right online and in real life.”

I agree that a manual for manners and proper behaviour is necessary in this digital age. Why? You may wonder. Let’s be sincere, a lot of people lack basic manners and common courtesy, no shade.

Ms. Luvvie threw major shade in this book!!! I imagine her as the typical judgemental Nigerian aunty with a head wrap and glasses, looking down her nose and passing judgement on all and sundry. The book is absolutely hilarious!!

There are some parts that are just so relatable. Let me share:

On general manners

Like do y’all plan to fly? You’ve been sitting for hours, will a couple of minutes kill you?

On friendships:

Seriously, some friends are just exhausting. Why are we competing? Is there a prize at the end?

On body enhancement:

LOL, I had this experience when I was in uni. A girl I’ve known for about 3 years as a beautiful, chocolatey queen suddenly showed up WHITE!!! As in, she was almost transparent, all in the space of 4 months. I couldn’t recognize her at first, I was bewildered to say the least. I don’t have anything against people doing what makes them feel good, but let’s be reasonable please.

On sexual harassment:

Seriously, it’s not funny. If you walk in any major market in Lagos, you must have experienced this (Think of Oshodi, Lagos Island, YABA!!). It’s demeaning and humiliating. Some people try to make excuses for such nonsense and even berate you for reacting. Let me just say it, THERE IS NOTHING CUTE ABOUT HARASSMENT.

On rape:

I can’t even express this better.

On social media:

I absolutely agree. Do we really need to share horrible and gory images on social media? People share terrible videos of lynching, killings and gory images of mangled bodies, dismembered bodies etc. Please, what is the idea behind this? We need to stop this please.

Still on social media:

Lol, all I can say is, don’t make assumptions based on what on you see on social media.

Positives: ‘I’m judging you’ is a really good read. It addressed many issues common in our society in a humorous way.

Negatives: This book doesn’t seem cohesive to me. It felt like a collection of blog posts.

There were some parts that degenerated into full blown rants, especially towards the end of the book. It sort of made it tedious to read.

In a bid to be humorous, some things were over-explained and the humour was lost.

Overall rating: I rate it a solid 3.5 stars out of 5.

Have you read this book? What did you think of it? Please share your thoughts, comments and suggestions. Thank you

Until next time💋


6 thoughts on “My thoughts on: I’m judging you.

  1. People who say they don’t judge books by their cover are lying! Great review, the book looks funny and insightful 👌 adding to the TBR


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