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A while ago, wordpress notified me about my 1st blogversary and I was like whaaatttt? It has been a year already? Feels like yesterday. I drafted this post since then and it had just been sitting in my drafts.
I toyed with the idea of a blog for about 5 years. I battled with a lack of confidence, thinking who’d possibly like to read what I had written? But the idea didn’t go away.
I tried to make it a partnership, but in reality I was just taking the coward’s way out. I reached out to a friend and we discussed opening a blog together. We agreed, but eventually it didn’t work. One day, I just decided to go for it. I want to share some lessons I’ve learnt that carries over to other areas of life.

DO YOUR RESEARCH: I read a ton of articles on how to set up a blog. I read so many blogposts giving advice to newbie bloggers even when I still had serious doubts. Then there was this very informative post on thekinkandi, it was basically a tutorial for starting a blog. That article and so many other articles helped me greatly.
JUST DO IT, THERE WILL NEVER BE A PERFECT TIME: When I started the blog, I didn’t have a functioning laptop and I used that as an excuse to avoid opening the blog. I procastinated for a long time till i decided to just go for it. I’ve learnt that it’s okay to start little, all the resources doesn’t have to be at my disposal before I take the first step.


ITS OKAY TO HAVE DOUBTS: After registering the site, my doubts came forward again and I started to think. “What have I done? What if nobody reads it? What if people ridicule me? What if I have nothing sensible to write? What if it’s a massive failure?” I thought about all these things and became very depressed. I made a decision, I’d give it 2 months, if it still seems like a bad idea, I’ll delete the blog. That’s how 2 months turned into 1 year.

PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE: Honestly, I still struggle with that lack of confidence but I’m getting better. I found the confidence to share Vera’s story, a story about domestic violence that I had drafted even before I started the blog (I should really finish this). I’ve tried to interact a bit with fellow bloggers (Though, I’m still very shy about commenting on other blogs). I’ve made it a goal to attend a bloggers event this year. I’ve collaborated with Oreoluwa, and I’m open to more collaborations.

HAVE A SUPPORT SYSTEM: When I started the blog, my mother didn’t fully understand what it was about. But she supports me, she actually reads my blog and comments sometimes. Recently, she told me that she directed someone who wanted to go natural to my blog, she asked her to read this post on haircare basics. I was so happy, and Mum if you’re reading, that action meant a whole lot to me. My sisters also read my blog and direct their friends to read. (Thank you guys💋). I have lovely friends that give me genuine feedback and encouragement, thank you guys so much.

THERE WILL ALWAYS BE NAYSAYERS/TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR WORK: There will always be people who try to undermine your efforts. Sometimes, they can be friends or loved ones. When I just started, I told a “friend” about my blog and asked her to check it out. She told me it was a waste of her time and asked me why I was wasting time writing things nobody was reading. I actually cried that day, I felt very bad and it affected me a lot. I found it very difficult to tell people about the blog and if I mentioned it at all, I’d belittle and diminish it before they got the chance to. I had to learn how to be proud of my work, no matter how little and unimportant it seems.

CELEBRATE THE LITTLE VICTORIES: When I had my first like on a blogpost, I was jumping up and down like a mouse. Whenever I hit a new milestone and WordPress sends me a notification, it makes me happy. I might not have 1000 followers(yet) but I am grateful for what I have. I’m grateful for every single like and comment I get on this blog.


It has been a wonderful experience and I’m learning a lot along the way. I’ve made so many mistakes and I’d probably still make more, but it’s valuable experience and shaping me to be better at what I do.

Till now, I find it hard to believe that people actually read my blog, but the stats can’t lie.

Thank you guys for being here, I appreciate y’all.

I’d love to hear your opinions and comments.




  1. Aww happy blogversary! Well done you, for being consistent.
    I’m happy one of our posts was able to help!
    Like you, my mom didn’t get it at first. She worried I wasn’t studying lol because I was in school at the time. Now she reads every post.
    Well done, again, I wish you more progress and I hope you always remember the lessons shared in this post.

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  2. Awww were so similar. Same here I toyed with the idea of starting a blog for years and also tried to do it as a ‘partnership’ in fear of putting myself out there. In the end I kinda just said f#%$ it! And here I am today lol.
    Fear is a terrible thing. Loved all your points.. felt as though I could relate to every single one


  3. Lol that your friend sha, who needs that kind of negativity in their life? Smh! I also tried starting a blog several times before I finally took this plunge, but it wasn’t that I was scared of putting out stuff nobody would read. I know I have things to contribute, I know what I am capable of! It’s just consistency and seriousness that was my issue. You should totally comment on other blogs, it does a lot for you! The types of comments you leave make people want to check you out! Anyway, I’m glad you’ve learnt all these lessons. I’m not yet a year old in this blogging gig, but I wonder where I’ll be by the time that day comes!


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