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31 day blog challenge- What makes me feel better, always

Hello lovelies, so today is about things that make me feel better. 

1. Music: Music is a great mood lifter, seriously. 

2. Food: You can call me a foodie, you won’t be wrong. 

3. Watching a movie: It distracts me from whatever is bothering me at that time so it makes me feel better.

4. Taking walks: I used to think this was an ‘oyinbo’ idea until I tried it. When I’m feeling low, I just plug in my earphones and take a leisurely walk. I always end up feeling better.

5. Credit alerts: This is one surefire way to make me feel better😊(even if it’s temporary). I’m not materialistic o, I doubt there’s anyone who wouldn’t feel better after receiving a credit alert. 

6. Children: Kids have a way of making me happy. Even if I just look at pictures of ‘my children’, I feel myself smiling and feeling better. 

So that’s all for today. Please comment on the things that make you feel better

Until next time💋


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