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31 day blog challenge – My best physical features 

Hello beautiful people, today I’ll be sharing the physical features I consider to be my best 

 1. My dimples: one of my favourite attributes😊

2. My eyelids: I really like the shape of my lids, perfect for eyeshadow and eyeliner👌. Even if I say so myself.

3. My nose: It’s not too large and not too little, just enough

4. My fingernails: I love the fact that they are narrow and long.

5. My thighs….#teamthickthighs… stay winning. 

6. My hair: I have thick and full hair (sometimes it’s stress o). 

My cheeks get an honorary mention, one of the most noticeable things about me is that I have very chubby cheeks. It has always been like that even when I was really skinny. I used to feel bad about it, even dream of when I can afford plastic surgery to change it. Now, I’ve grown to love it and it’s one of my favourite features. I still get teased about it but I don’t mind anymore.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and contributions.

Thanks for reading💋


4 thoughts on “31 day blog challenge – My best physical features 

    1. I really should have, it didn’t cross my mind. I was drifting in and out of sleep when I wrote and posted it😩. Plus, I’m very shy🙈, putting up my picture with a post will take a lot of courage.


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