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31 day blog challenge – Pet peeves

Hello beautiful people, before I go ahead with today’s post, I want to apologize in advance because it’s pretty long. Please, bear with me

1. Those people who randomly dive into queues from nowhere. 

Picture this: you are low on cash and you have to withdraw money. You go to 3 different bank atms and for some reason, they aren’t working😣. After parading the area, you find one but the queue is as long as Fayose’s 200naira queue in Ekiti😩. 

You have no choice so you join the queue, you stand under the sun for a long time. You start giving thanks when you have just 3 people in front of you🤗, only for some people to jump in from nowhere talmbout “We were on the queue o!! Ask this aunty. I went to receive call outside”. That thing irritates me to no end, like what is wrong with these people? I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets angry over this.

2. Badly behaved kids/Spoilt kids. You’ll see kids running around, making noise, disturbing the peace in a public place while their parents remain so non-chalant😐. Or, the kids that visit other people’s homes and start misbehaving😒. The most annoying are children that beg or start throwing tantrums when they see someone else with something they want. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know kids will be kids but once a child is old enough, certain things are just a sign of bad behaviour. 

I’m not supporting abuse in anyway but I feel discipline is important in raising children. Please, parents do your work in private so your child doesn’t disgrace you in public. 

I remember when I was younger, a look from my mother was enough to bring me back to my senses, if that wasn’t enough, then a knock follows.

3. Typing in retardese. You might be wondering: “What is retardese?” It’s wn yhu typ lyk ds.😒 For goodness sake, are we speaking in code? Are we using a secret language I’m not aware of? Is using proper English going out of fashion?  Then what is all these? It’s okay to abbreviate certain words but typing yhu instead of you requires the same effort so what’s the point? I immediately lose interest once I see this kind of text.

What are you doing? What is all these? Is this even English?

4. Loose/lose, I’m/am, you’re/your. I cringe whenever I read things like: “I want to loose weight” or “Am going out” or “your beautiful”. I realize that English is not everybody’s first language and we all make mistakes but it doesn’t stop me from feeling somehow when I see it.
5. Username gardeners. For example, my name is Temiloluwa. If I were a username gardener, my BBM or Facebook username will read: 

 😍🌹⚘❤Pweetie❤Thermielholhuwar⚘💋. For goodness sake, what is all these? Why is your name looking like a messy and unkempt garden? 

What is this mess? Does this look good to you? 😒

6. Ashiness. Honestly, I feel it’s a sign of wickedness, like why will you decide to assault our eyes with your ashy self? I see some people and I want to shout: “Go and rub cream!!!📣” And to those guys that think moisturizing robs them of their masculinity, I have no words for you. 

Why are you assaulting our eyes with your dehydrated skin? Oga please go and rub cream📣

7. “I’m not a feminist but……”. When I read things like this, I just hiss. Thank you aunty, but please who asked you? 🤔 You want to say something but you don’t want to lose approval, so you go roundabout. Funnily, statements like that are self-contradictory. “I’m not a feminist but I think men and women should have equal opportunity”. What does that even mean? Isn’t the contradiction obvious? State your opinion with your chest!!! Nobody will beat you. 

This blog post is like an essay already. I guess I just used the opportunity to rant.

Do we have any peeves in common? Please share in the comments.

Thanks for reading💋💋


2 thoughts on “31 day blog challenge – Pet peeves

  1. 1. I have a major issue with long queues myself but I detest standing for long periods of time so I can understand their position.
    2. Man I detest retardese typists. What is the point in making yourself look so silly?
    3. Ashy skin- 🙈 I’m trying not continue being guilty of it.
    4. Pretty garden- Too silly to even address
    I like your pet peeves sha


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