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31 day blog challenge- 10 favorite songs

Hello beautiful people, today I’ll be sharing my 10 favorite songs. It’s difficult to pick just 10 songs but this is what I came up with

1.Who do we think we are – John Legend and Rick Ross. I like most of John Legend’s songs, this happens to be my current favourite. 

2.The greatest – Sia and Kendrick Lamar. Sia has a very distinct voice, I really like this song. 

3. 24k magic 🎶- Bruno Mars. This song is my jammm💃💃. Bruno Mars make sense, leave story.

24 karat magic in the airrrr📣💃

 4. Magic – Robin Thicke. I always play this song at least twice, it’s such an amazing song.

5. Glory – John Legend and Common (Soundtrack of the movie Selma). For some reason, many do not like this song but I love it. It has been my ringtone for a very long time now and I have no intention of changing it.

6. Street credibility – 9ice and Tuface. These guys came together to give us an evergreen. I love most of the songs on 9ice’s gongo aso album, I just went with this.

7. Action film – M.I. and Brymo. Heyyy💃. This song is a valid jam any day. Brymo’s vocals in this song was 🔥.  M.I. remains one of my favourite artistes, I love almost all his songs. 

🎵I would like to take you on a ride🎶🎶

8. Port Harcourt boy – I cannot keep still whenever I hear this song. Duncan Mighty got it right with this one.

9. Fada Fada – Phyno and Olamide. If you know, you know!!!! This song is a jam for days. 

🎵Fada Fada ehh!! *Breaks out white handkerchief*💃

10. Way forward – Sunny Ade and other Nigerian artistes. 🎶Nigeria yi to gbogbo wa ni🎵💃. I remember when I was younger, I used to beg my mother to leave this song on repeat in her car. This song is an evergreen abeg.

There are so many more but I leave you with these ten. 

The following people get an honorary mention because I love almost all their songs and if I included them, they’ll probably take over the entire list. 

  • Beyonce
  • R Kelly
  • Michael Jackson

What are your favourites? Do we have any favourites in common? Please share in the comments. 

Thanks for reading💋


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