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31 day blog challenge- Worst habits

Hello beautiful people, how was your day? Today, I’ll be sharing some of my worst habits

1. Touching my face and picking my pimples😩. I know this is a terrible habit and can lead to scarring, I just find it difficult to stop

2. Drinking sugary drinks: This is a serious challenge for me. For most of last year, I limited my intake to about once a week or in two weeks. Recently though, my average intake is 4-5 bottles weekly (yes, I take count). I hope I find the self discipline to stop it.

3. Eating late: Not just having a late dinner, but having it right before bed. This has gotten worse over the past few months and I can feel my waist line expanding😩.

What are some of your bad habits? Please share on the comments. 

Thanks for reading💋


4 thoughts on “31 day blog challenge- Worst habits

  1. Hey Girl!
    I’m doing fine.😄
    My bad Habit is Patato Chips!💯 I have a weakness for chips Girl I always have to eat a whole bag all by myself! Lol! 😂😂😂😂

    Girl I wish you a wonderful week it was fun to read!
    Lots of hugz!
    Miss B.💋


    1. 5 in a day!!😲 I used to take that many too until I forced myself to reduce it. I hope I can stop totally one day. There’s just something about those drinks that takes my self-discipline away. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙇

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