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31 day blog challenge- What’s in my bag

I love to read what’s in my bag posts. I’ve been so excited about doing one on my blog.

That being said, I was grossly unprepared for this task. I completely forgot about it till I got back from work so I hurriedly emptied my bag and took pictures. I’ll definitely do another what’s in my bag post when I’m more settled and prepared. So, let’s get into it:

The contents of my bag

A. My wallet: I’ve had this for a very long time. It obviously needs a replacement. It contains my cash, ATM cards, ID cards etc.

B. A pair of earrings, I often forget to wear earrings when leaving the house so I keep a pair in my bag.

C. A charger: You guys know how it is, always be prepared.

D. Headset: I got this from my mom, it came with a phone she bought. I use it to block out the world when I need to.

E. Spoon: It’s good to be prepared abeg, chow(food) can show up at any time.🤗

F. Chewing gum

G. Sunglasses: Because I’m not about to let the sun blind me😐

H. Chapstick/Lip balm: Because chapped/crusty lips will never be a good look 

I. My Maybelline pressed powder

J. My keys

K. My power bank: Because I can’t imagine my phone running out of power while I’m out.

L. Bobby pins: For my hair when necessary 

M. Correcting fluid pen: I have no idea what this is doing in my bag.

N. Strong painkillers

O. Comb: I just threw this into my bag this morning.

P.Plug adaptor: For goodness sake, why is this in my bag?😩

Q. A notebook/journal: I have this gorgeous notebook my mother got for me from Lanterna bookshop and a moleskin notebook from MasterCard.

R. My current read: 📚Most of my books are electronic but I like to carry a hardcopy just in case.

S. A bottle of water: Because hydration is important💦💦

T. A scarf

U. My phone is a must have in my bag, It’s not included because that’s what I used to take the picture. 

I have so much stuff in my bag😩. It just occured to me that I forgot to take a picture of the bag. Oh well…..

What are the staples in your bag? Please share in the comments.

Until next time, remain moisturized 💋💦


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