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31 day blog challenge – 10 favourite foods

Now on to one of my favourite topics, Food!! 

1. Amala + ewedu + gbegiri: Leave story, this is one of the greatest combos ever invented. Those who know, know.

2. Star Apple/agbalumo/udala: This is my favorite fruit of all time. I literally spend the whole year anticipating Udala season. 

3. Pasta, especially seafood pasta is 🔥. I should clarify, the only form of pasta I like is spaghetti. 

4. Meatpie/Minced pies: This is one thing I still like Mr Biggs for, their meat pies are on point

5. Puff puff: My love affair with puff puff is no secret. Pair it with a chilled bottle of Coke and you have the secret to world peace.

6. Coconut fried rice: Yum yum 👅

7. Jollof rice: Jollof is bae😍; all day, every day. Especially party jollof rice, with just the right amount of smoky flavour. 

8. Banga/Palm nut soup: My life changed when I discovered canned Banga, no joke. It means I can cook Banga with no hassles. 

9. Boiled yam and vegetable sauce: There’s this vegetable sauce that my dad makes along with yam🔥. Any time he’s making it, I feel like all is well with the world. 

10. Roasted plantain: I’m usually indifferent toward plantain(dodo, especially) but I LOVE roasted plantains. With groundnuts, fish sauce, oil…. anything. 

All this talk about food is making me hungry🙂

Do we have any favourites in common? Let me know your favourite foods in the comments. 

Until next time, remain moisturized💋💦


2 thoughts on “31 day blog challenge – 10 favourite foods

  1. Jollof rice is great, fried rice is even better.
    I love spaghetti!
    Can’t stand udala so you’re OYO there
    I love plantain in every format it comes. Love love it.
    Puff puff might be bae but I love the spring rolls more
    Etc etc


    1. I also love fried rice, I just feel not everyone gets it right and I find badly cooked fried rice inedible. So, I mostly stick with jollof. Spring rolls are like my side piece, while puff puff is my main boo. I’m always shocked to hear people say they don’t like udala😲😲. Different folks… I guess. Thanks for sharing💋

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