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31 day blog challenge- 3 personality traits I’m proud of

Hello beautiful people, how was your day? Let’s go into todays challenge.

Personality traits I’m proud of

1. My Consideration/kindness- I try to put myself in people’s shoes and treat them the way I want to be treated. I feel genuine concern for people who are in need and I look for ways to assist. Seeing people suffering gives me serious distress. I also try to treat people with kindness and courtesy irrespective of their position. Yes, some people take this trait for granted but that shouldn’t stop me or anybody from being kind. I’m particularly proud of this trait because these days, many people have a ‘me first’ attitude and it breeds selfishness. 

2. I’m calm and rational. I have the ability to think and analyse a situation rationally and critically. Now, I don’t always generate a solution, but I believe that having the right understanding of an issue is the first step to solving it.

3. I’m calm and level-headed: I rarely lose my temper/get angry. Even when I’m upset, I’m usually aware of my words and actions. That’s why I don’t understand violent people and people that lose their temper and become so irrational.

That’s it for today, let’s continue the discussion. Tell me about those traits that you are proud of. 

Until next time, stay moisturized đŸ’‹


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