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31 day blog challenge – My guilty pleasure

 Sorry this came late, I just had time to settle down since morning😓. So here it is:  

I don’t know if any of these count but 🙄. 

1. Watching hauls, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, makeup collection, skincare collection, what’s in my shower, vanity organization, pantry organization, fridge organization videos on YouTube. That’s literally the bulk of my YouTube History. I’m sure you can tell YouTube takes a sizeable chunk of my monthly data😳😳. Don’t judge me. 

2. Dancing in my room with the lights off💃 I really enjoy dancing, yes I’m that friend that can disgrace you at a party. Sometimes when I’m the mood, I plug my earphones in, switch off my bedroom lights and dance my heart out. I always feel so good afterwards. Twice, my sister has come into my room and looked at me with surprise, like ‘what are you doing?’. What is it with sisters and the inability to knock sef?

3. Stalking celebs/pseudocelebs

I’m too embarrassed too continue😔😳. 

I’d love to hear from you, do you have any guilty pleasures? Let’s discuss it in the comments (BTW this is a judgement free zone).


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