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31 day blog challenge – Meaning of business name

Well I’m assuming business name means blog name in this case so I’m running with that. 

There is no huge story behind the name peoniesandrubies. When I was setting up my blog, none of the names I had in mind seemed right. So I checked the internet for name ideas and suggestions.

A website suggested naming the blog after my favorite flower, this was so different what I’d normally like because I’m not a huge flower lover. However, I thought about it and decided to try something different. 

I’ve always felt that peonies are incredibly beautiful with an intricate design but that they are underrated and usually ignored in favour of their more glamorous cousin “the rose”. I kind of identified with that feeling, so I decided to name my blog after peonies. 

Seeing it typed out, just seemed weird to me. Rubies was just an afterthought, I don’t even know how I thought of it. It just seemed right when put together, and….. that’s all. 

I’d love to hear from fellow bloggers, what’s the meaning of your blog name? 

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5 thoughts on “31 day blog challenge – Meaning of business name

  1. Both my blog names are from the points I was at in my life. I’m the middle child, my skin switches from fair to dark and vice versa, I’m of perfectly average height etc
    Insearchofperfecthair- Res ipsa.


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