31 Day Blog Challenge- 20 facts about me

I’m doing a blog challenge this march as I said in this post yesterday. 

1. I’m really shy; I end up overcompensating for this some times.

2. I’m a Nigerian. Born in Nigeria, raised in Nigeria, never left Nigeria.

3. I’m an aspiring product junkie. This means I love products: makeup, skincare, haircare… all kinds. But my pockets aren’t currently well arranged so I’m still aspiring.

4. I really, really love to read. Books give me so much joy.

5. I’m that person who rarely comments in Whatsapp groups or any social media group for that matter.

6. I’m not a very social or friendly person. I’m not very good at making new friends. I think this is as a result of my shyness

7. I love children, I honestly can’t wait to have kids.

8. I’m a foodie, I just love thinking about food and looking at pictures of food.

9. I’m obsessed with the colour black, most of my clothes are black. 

10. I don’t like chocolate

11. In my head, Beyonce is my big sister. I’m just here waiting for the birth of my niece and nephew.

12. I LOVE Chimamanda Adichie 

13. I’m bad at ALL sports. 

14. I read the plot/synopsis of movies before I watch them. Don’t judge me😏 I just like to know the end of a movie before I watch. I can’t let anything give me heart attack abeg

15. I don’t like the colour green, or orange. 

16. I’m bitribal, half Yoruba and half Ishan.

17. The only 2 cereals I like are: Cornflakes and Golden morn. 

18. I worry a lot. Even about unimportant things, I worry about it until they seem huge. I’m learning to let go of that now, learning not to worry so much about the little things.

19. I have just one sibling. I feel like I’m not doing enough as a big sister and I don’t know how to do better.

20. In case you haven’t deduced this from this list, I’m actually a very boring person and I have no idea how to fix this.

That’s it for today, I’ll be here tomorrow. 

I’ll love to hear from you about things we have in common. Please like, comment and share. 



9 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge- 20 facts about me

  1. How to be a better big sis:
    Smile more. You’ll seem more approachable.
    Find out your younger siblings love languages and act on it.
    Be available to talk.


    1. Fortunately I have just one sibling- a sister. Unfortunately, we both find it difficult to open up to others. As you suggested, I just need to let her know I’m available if she needs anything. Thanks a lot for this comment🙇

      Liked by 1 person

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