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Affordable and Budget-friendly Haircare

Hello beautiful people, it’s been quite a long time.

I want to start this post with an announcement. “Unfortunately, due to the economic recession in Nigeria (side eyes presido), my product junkie aspirations are on hold. LOL…. you thought it was something serious, didn’t you? 

But on a serious note, it is important to figure out ways to save money on haircare, the economy is not smiling with anybody. 

In this post, I mentioned something that is commonly said to me: “natural haircare is expensive”. It actually depends on how you look at it. 

I know people with natural hair that have just basic products and are doing just fine. I also know people with tons of products(product junkies). The truth is that it’s not cheap to care properly for hair, relaxed or natural. 
However, there are so many affordable ways to manage natural hair and I want to share:

1. Know what you need: You need to understand the basics of haircare before you know what to buy(check here). Otherwise, you’ll end up buying a ton of products you don’t need while lacking the important ones. There are so many hair bloggers and vloggers and they recommend different products and use it in various ways. If you aren’t careful you might get confused and just buy randomly. For example, you don’t need olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, almond oil, carrot oil etc all at once. If you’re a beginner, olive oil or coconut oil is just fine. Later on, you can start buying all the other orisirisii if you like.

2. Buy multi purpose products: I reviewed my Emily Millionaire hair growth cream here and it functions as a cream, prepoo and a great ingredient for a DIY deep conditioner. Another example is honey, I use it as a face mask, mix it with other ingredients to use as a lip scrub, deep conditioner etc. I use ACV to clarify my hair and as a toner. Glycerine is added to my shea butter mix, mixed with ACV as my toner, has a permanent spot in my spray bottle etc. 

The multipurpose cream

3. DIY when you can: You don’t need to use that 7,000 naira deep conditioner every weekend abeg (unless you can afford it). A DIY can work just fine. I have a friend who hasn’t used a store bought deep conditioner in 2 years and her hair is doing fine. The internet is filled with information in this regard. A note of warning: just like store bought products, not all DIYs work for all hair types. It may not work for you just because it worked for Augusta and Augustina. Learn to find what works for YOU.

4. Don’t be quick to throw away products that don’t work. Sometimes certain products may not be effective or can stop working after a while. This happened to me with my ORS deep conditioner. It used to be very effective but later on, it stopped working. I left it for a while, then later I mixed it with my Emily Millionaire hair growth cream and used it to deep condition. It was like a miracle, my hair was so soft and moisturized afterwards. Try mixing products and you may be surprised at the results. If it’s absolutely ineffective, you can swap with other ladies.

5. Don’t jump on every hair fad/trend: Yep, save yourself the money and stress. If you can afford it and want to try, then jump right in. But for fellow girls with currently shallow pockets, sometimes unlook.

6. Find affordable alternatives: The truth is you don’t have to buy the most expensive products to take care of your hair. There are cheaper products that work as well. I shared affordable deep conditioners here and here. For example, I use v05 conditioner to co wash which costs about 800 naira (used to be 500) and it’s very effective. I use this generic brand detangler to detangle. Sometimes I mix it with coconut oil and use it to prepoo. There are so many affordable products out there that get overlooked because it’s they aren’t a popular brand or that’s not what the cool kids are using. Abeg, find what works for your pocket.

Affordable and effective. What’s not to love?
My generic detangler

7. Be on the lookout for great bargains: Before buying a product, try to compare prices. Visit neighbourhood stores, you might just find nice products there. I used to buy my hair products online till I randomly checked a store in my area and I was very surprised to see the same products at much cheaper rates. Look out for sales, a lot of online stores do sales at certain times of the year, use that opportunity to stock up. At certain events, manufacturers bring their products and sell at a cheaper rate, you can also get great bargains from there. 

I’ll really love to hear from you guys how you save money on haircare. Please like, comment and share.

Until next time, remain moisturized 


6 thoughts on “Affordable and Budget-friendly Haircare

  1. Lovely post and very interesting to read, I definitely agree with sticking to basics and less is more, natural hair products got us out here looking slim on cash . Also did a blog post on going natural if you’ll like to check it out.


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