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My hair faves and pet peeves

Hello beautiful people, how are your holidays going?
So, today I want to share the things I love about natural hair so sit back and enjoy.

My natural hair faves
1. Deep conditioning: See, naturalistas will agree with me, the feel of freshly deep conditioned hair is bae. Deep conditioning is like hair sorcery, it takes hair from stubborn and adamant to compliant and soft. Whoever brought up the idea of deep conditioning deserves a Nobel prize, that’s all. If you haven’t been doing this regularly, please try and a trial will convince you.

2. Well-defined curls: Sometimes, when the stars align, my curls come out to play and it’s lit🔥. I can only compare this feeling with receiving a huge credit alert; okay, maybe not, but you get what I mean. The only issue is how to make the curls last throughout the day; with the humidity in Lagos, this might be a myth but I’m optimistic it’ll happen one day.

3. Sales: Sales make all women happy, honestly. I can’t explain the joy I feel when I see my favourite products on sale. Especially in this recession, sales have become my new best friend. This is not reserved for just natural hair products, I just love great sales. I always say I am an aspiring product junkie, and sales help me fund my aspirations.

4. Texture: I have a severe case of hand in hair syndrome, mostly because I can’t get enough of my lovely texture. My hair has iron-sponge like texture (I don’t even know how to explain this) but I just love it. Whenever my hair is in a protective style, I can’t wait to take it out and feel my hair. I know so many natural haired sisters with this same syndrome so it’s not just me.

5. The Glorious Puff: Let me tell y’all a secret, the sight of a well turned out puff lifts my spirits. I’m talking about a lovely high and full puff with well laid edges. When my twa was in its early stages, I used to envy people that had a lovely puff. It was a motivating factor to get to that length. Now, it’s my go-to style; it’s the saviour of many failed twist outs. There are really no words to fully explain the awesomeness of the puff.

6. Twist outs: Bomb twist outs make me happy, that’s all there is to it. Y’all know what I mean, the joy you feel in the morning when you take out your twists and they turn out beautifully. There’s a feeling of deep satisfaction that comes with knowing that I did something right.

1. The smell of most hair products: I really don’t know what’s up with all these products and their weird smell. Take Cantu for example, The only Cantu product with a smell that I like is Cantu leave inconditioner argan oil, the rest are just meh. Among all my numerous hair products, I have just 4 products with a nice smell, the rest are just tolerable. I don’t know if this is a general thing or it’s just me😕.

2. Flakes: This is a recurring nightmare for many naturalistas. When my twa was still in infancy, it was a nightmare. Thankfully I was able to overcome it. I shared tips on how to prevent flakes here.

3. Wash and go: This should really be wash and stay because after the washing, my hair refuses to go anywhere. Since I left the twa stage, my hair has simply refused to cooperate. I see YouTube gurus with many wash and go “tips” but when I make any attempt, my hair just remains adamant. I’m still experimenting though, and when I find something that works, I’ll share.

4. Edges: By a bad turn of genetics, I have sparse edges. I’ve tried castor oil massages, no-tight protective styles and a lot of orisiirisii but to no avail. Dearly beloved readers, please help me appeal to the god of edges to restore my edges. I apologize for my former haircare practices, I’ve repented and turned around, please take pity on my edges. Thank you.

5. Missing a good bargain: Ladies, y’all know what I mean. This happened to me twice, imagine the pain. The 1st time was during the Beauty Africa expo, I restocked most of my products before attending the expo and I saw the same products at ridiculously low prices. It was painful, I will not even lie. The second time was few weeks ago, when I stocked up again only for Sizzelle to start an amazing sale with ridiculously low prices. In this recession era where every kobo counts, I almost cried. Most unfortunate.

6. Twist outs: There are 2 sides to every coin. Like when I painstakingly twist my hair the previous night, imagining the amazing turnout in the morning and then my hair decides to betray me and I am like: “Where is the team spirit? Where is the cooperation?” Let’s not even mention the amount of time it takes trying to salvage the situation. Honestly, it has discouraged me from experimenting with different styles. I cannot be receiving heartbreak from my own hair, like if my hair is not on my side then what is?

BONUS: Annoying bobby pins that vanish into thin air when you need them.

So there you have it, my hair faves and pet peeves. I’m sure you all have things that you love about your hair and others that annoy you. I’d love to read all about it in the comments.
Please like, comment and share.
Till next time, remain moisturized.


6 thoughts on “My hair faves and pet peeves

  1. Lol. I like how you didn’t do a review and man, I love your hair posts.
    the GOD who created heaven and earth/god of edges, please restore PeoniesandRubies’ edges, we pray. Amen.
    I’m actually really basic when it comes to hair care, no product junkiness in me. I do need to catch up with my deep conditioning. I have not forgotten the softness.
    And no one, but absolutely no one likes to lose money. And wait for bargains. Don’t buy any products next year December orJanuary to take full advantage of sales either.
    Happy New Year in advance dearie.


    1. About my edges, I’m just tired😩. Right now, I’m working with faith. Pleeease catch up with your deep conditioning, your hair will thank you for it. I’m fully prepared for sales this year, no money to be throwing round anyhow. I left the best part of this comment for last, the part about you loving my hair posts, You have no idea how happy that statement made me. I’m happy I left that comment on Igbocurls that led you here. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Here’s to a wonderful 2017🍸🍸

      Liked by 1 person

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