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Silent Screams (5)

Hello lovely people, I should begin with an apology to y’all. I have neglected this blog for a few weeks now, I’ve been super busy but now I’m back and I promise to be more consistent in posting.

Enjoy the latest episode of silent screams:

See the previous episode episode here

The neighbours, already awake from all the wailing came out and started banging the door.

Vera got up and switched on the light, she saw her son laying lifeless on the floor with blood trickling out of his head and she screamed again. Lucky immediately unlocked the door and fled, his quick movements confusing the unsuspecting neighbours at the door.

Papa Chidera and Kunle, the caretaker of the house, promptly chased after him. The rest of the neighbours got in and saw the damage, John was unconscious on the floor and Vera was holding him with blood all over her.

One of the neighbours donated his taxi and they carried them to the hospital.

Vera clutched her son in her arms during the long ride, her friend Mama Chidera held her by the shoulders and she wept along with her friend.

Vera woke up in unfamiliar surroundings and jumped up “Where am I? What happened?”

It was an old lady on another bed in the ward that replied her “You dey hospital” The woman then shouted in the direction of the door “Nurse! The woman don wake o!”

An unsmiling nurse came into the ward to check on Vera.

Vera immediately asked her “Where is my son? We came together yesterday, where is he?”

The nurse frowned at Vera “Madam abeg calm down, I go call doctor make he sedate you again o”

Vera jumped down from the hospital bed and began to pull at her drip.

The nurse’s annoyance increased “Madam I say calm down!! I no get time for all this your wahala, my shift don almost end, no give me extra work”

The matron walked in during this exchange “Madam, so good to see that you are awake. You should lie down and take it easy.”

Vera turned to her “Please ma, can I see my son? We were brought in together yesterday.”

The matron told the nurse to get a wheelchair to take her to the children ward. They went together to see him, he was lying alone in the room, still unconscious.

They pushed Vera to his bedside and her heart broke once more as she saw him lying there. The nurses left her as she held his hand and prayed hard, weeping in her heart as she saw her son laying there.

Later on, they came in to find her laying there fast asleep, her head resting on her son’s bedside.

They woke her gently and let her out of the ward, they got outside the ward to see Mama Chidera with her children.

They ran to hug her on her wheelchair and started to tell her about the events of the day, their voices overlapping each other.

“Mummy Chidera gave us jollof rice…..”

“Joshua ate my meat….”

“Miracle urinated on the bed…”

Mama Chidera intervened “You people should better keep quiet before I report you to the nurses”

The children promptly kept quiet and let their mother be.

Mama Chidera led them to Vera’s ward and they greeted the other patients in the ward. She sent the children off to play outside while she served Vera some food and arranged some fruits on the bedside table.

Vera just picked at the food, feeling overwhelmed with gratitude.

“Mama Chidera thank you, if no be you, wetin I for do? God bless you my sister”

Mama Chidera waved it off “Na God o, na even Kunle buy the fruits say make I bring am”

“My husband don come back?”

Mama Chidera burst out in fury “Which husband? Na husband be that? Man wey beat you like this, almost kill your pikin? That one no be husband, na mad man.”

Her loud voice attracted other curious patients and they entered into the discussion.

“Madam, na your husband do you like this?”

“Wetin you do am?”

“Na him beat your son like that sef?”

“Na wa o, sorry o….” they continued to express their surprise and words of comfort until a nurse came in.

“No be market be this, una dey make noise ” she snapped at them and the noise died down.

Vera remained silent amidst all these as she stared at her plate of food.

Mama Chidera spoke quietly this time “No vex say I shout, Lucky never show since yesterday. He don run comot, he think say John don die but God pass am.”

Vera absorbed all this in silence.

Mama Chidera spoke again “I don go tell Mama Landlady but she say she dey travel tomorrow, she go see you when she come back”

Vera started to question Mama Chidera “Why did you do that? Why did you tell landlady about my business?”

Her neighbour merely shook her head “Vera you need help. You cannot continue like this. You are like a sister to me and I cannot open my eyes and watch you die at the hands of that man. Papa Chidera has sent word to your father also. Something must be done.”

Vera moved away from her and moved towards the window, shutting her eyes to prevent the tears from coming out.

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