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Silent Screams (4)

Hello guys, so I missed yesterday’s episode and posted today. Enjoy.

Later that evening, Vera hurriedly fed her children and sent them to bed. She did not want them to be awake to witness whatever would happen that night. Her children saw her nervousness and understood the reason but they didn’t say anything. They had learnt the hard way to remain silent in the dark, listening to their mother receiving blows and trying hard not to cry out and wake them.

Vera lay uncomfortably on the narrow bed she shared with her husband, her ears alert to her husband’s arrival. She stiffened immediately he entered and shut the door with a bang, making sure to lock the door behind him.

She perceived the pungent smell of ogogoro as it permeated the small room. As he undressed, he was muttering under his breath, moving around in the darkness.

“My university wife that likes to disrespect me in front of everybody. ”

“Telling the whole world that she is better than me because I did not go to school.”

“Women of these days”

Vera remained silent, refusing to annoy him further by replying.  Not long after, she felt a rough hand on her back. He dragged her to the floor, sat on her and targeted his favorite area: her stomach. She was already expecting this and she stiffened her stomach to reduce the effect of the blows. He turned his attention to her face, smashing her face and her teeth.

“You think you can disgrace me because of your beauty, I will disfigure your face first” He beat her with anger and fury, the alcohol fueling his rage.

Their children huddled together under the sheets and watched their mother receive this beating with fear in their eyes. She has warned them in the past to always remain silent so their father’s rage would not turn on them. It was when their father turned her around, stood up and started to stomp on her back that John, their second child became enraged.

He got up and charged towards his father, pulling his shorts with all the strength he could muster. “Leave my mummy alone!” he screamed repeatedly. At this, the other children began to wail and shout.

At this interruption, Lucky looked at his son and in blind rage, flung the boy aside. John fell and hit his head on the pillar at the end of the room with a loud bang. For the first time that night, Vera screamed.  

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This week’s mantra: Be thankful for all the rude, obnoxious, and difficult people you meet in life. They serve as important reminders of how NOT to live.


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