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My Beauty Africa Expo Haul

​Hello beautiful people, how’s your week going? So, I attended the recently concluded Beauty Africa Expo and it was fun. I took some pictures of the event but I didn’t like how they turned out so I just deleted them.

I absolutely love watching haul videos on YouTube, it feeds my product junkie tendencies. I got a few items at the Beauty Africa Expo and I want to share. I don’t even know if it’s enough to qualify as a haul, but it’s my blog and if I say it’s a haul, then it’s a haul😏😊

I made my first attempt at a flat lay and spent so much time doubting the pictures before I just decided to go with it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? 

Goodies from Bmpro

Bm|Pro was having a sale and I got these babies for 500 naira each. I don’t know why the blush appears orange, it’s actually pink and it’s shimmery. I love the fact that it’s very pigmented and when applied with a light hand, looks great on my dark skin. I got it in the shade tulip. 

The blush on the left and eyeshadow on the right

I love the eyeshadow, it’s very lovely and has a different colour when viewed from different angles. It’s in a shade called mint chocolate. The only drawback is the fallout, I guess that should be expected from a loose shadow.

Next are these lovelies from Provoc, they’re based in Lebanon and I got these for 1000 naira each. The eyeliner is the bomb!! I got this in colour 1 so its very black and I love it! I love the felt tip, plus, it lasts long after application. 

I love the fact that it’s very black!

Then the gorgeous lashes, I haven’t actually worn them since then so I’ll see about that. I got the sharpener as a gift. 

I got this spray as a gift for my baby sister and they included this bottle of perfume. They gave out bottles of perfume to everyone who stopped by their stand. I think they are just coming to Nigeria so it’s sort of for publicity.

From Kuddy cosmetics

I bought the Ecostyler gel from Kuddy cosmetics and I got everything else in the picture as a freebie. I got the sample lipsticks and eyeshadow from Black opal and the sample leave-in conditioner. The Ecostyler edge control was from my friend, it was in her bag. 

10/10 for packaging

These came in a free gift bag from Pamela Bello-Olatunji of B-naturals spa. The bag contained this  makeup remover and balancing toner. I’ve been using both and I quite like them. They have similar scents, the makeup remover is particularly effective. I love the packaging,  it’s quite simple but lovely. I’ll really like to repurchase if my pocket is aligned correctly (Recession tales).

So, those are all my purchases plus freebies. All in all, I didn’t exceed my budget and I’m quite happy about that. I’m learning how to be financially responsible.

Till next time, toodles..


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