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Own your life (2)

​Hello lovely people, TGIF 😎 I’m seriously looking forward to the weekend. So, I’m back as promised with the second and final part of this post.

1. Let go of anger/resentment: Harbouring resentment towards anyone for any reason is worthless not to mention counterproductive. It makes you a slave to that person, it robs you of joy and controls all your emotions. It is a poison, releasing negativity that can remain inside you and cause self-destruction. Resentment can cloud your thinking,  which can lead to making flawed and faulty decisions that can adversely affect your life. The worst part is that the person in question might not even be aware of your anger and is almost always unaffected by it. Please, if you have resentment in your heart for whatever reason, this is free advice: LET IT GO. Make a conscious decision to forgive. It may be hard but it’s possible and the benefits far outweigh the difficulties. 

2. Set goals/make plans: This is a major key, take control of your life by actively setting goals. It’s not enough to just coast along without any plans. You might not be able to tell how things will turn out exactly but at least you made an effort. I struggle seriously with this but I’m persevering, I try to make monthly goals and break them down into weekly action plans. After the month passes, I evaluate the results and see what I can do better next time. At the end of the year, I go over the 12 months and see how far I’ve come. Keep a journal, online or hard copy, it helps. Writing your goals down can make them more definite and concrete. However, it’s not just about setting goals, it’s about making plans on how to achieve them and following through with those plans.  That is where the hard work lies and that’s mostly where many people miss it. This honestly is a topic for another day but the point is: SET GOALS AND MAKE CONCRETE PLANS TO ACHIEVE THEM.

3. Accept your current reality: Accepting your situation doesn’t mean being complacent. It involves looking at your circumstances with a positive mindset instead of a negative one. It involves acknowledging the problem first before you can proceed to address it. Remaining in denial doesn’t help, it can even prevent progress. Realities change and no situation is permanent, certain things that appear very overwhelming at the moment might be insignificant later.  However, we must admit that sometimes, no matter how much we wish for certain things to be different, they remain the same. Ask yourself “Is this something I can change?” If it is, go ahead and make plans to change it. However, if it is beyond you, find ways of adjusting. Find out: “Is it my situation that needs to change or is it my attitude?” Find reasons to be grateful no matter the circumstances,  that is one sure fire way to improve the quality of your life. Speaking of gratitude, we move to number 4

4. Be grateful: Gratitude shifts your focus from what you lack to what you have already. A lack of gratitude can lead to discontent and unhappiness. There are so many things we currently take for granted that we need to remind ourselves of, gratitude helps us put things in the right perspective. You can make a list of things to be grateful for, and you can go through the list if you’re feeling down.


I use an online journal called Bliss, it has several exercises but the one I use most often is writing down three good things which happened that day. It sends a reminder every night and I try my best to fill it in no matter how trivial it seems, it’s all about finding joy in the little things. Recently, a 30 days of gratitude challenge was everywhere on social media. The idea remains: we all have things to be grateful for and the more we remind ourselves, the better.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. The truth is that we are all making our way in this journey called life and we need all the help we can get. 

I’m no expert but I’m sharing the lessons I’ve learned and currently trying to apply and I hope they are as helpful for you as they’ve been for me.

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Enjoy your weekend.


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