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Own your life

​Hello beautiful people, It’s been a long time. Work has been insane this past few weeks and I’ve had barely any time for anything else. I promise to be more consistent over here.

While I was writing, I noticed that this post was getting way too long so I decided to split it.  The first part now and the second part will be up later this week. 

When I heard the phrase “own your life” for the first time, I paid no attention to it until much later. It means to take charge of your life as much as possible. I started to think about what it means to own one’s life. I want to share some ways to do just that. 

1. Acknowledge your strengths/virtues: We all have strengths and virtues. They can take many forms: some people are frugal, some are industrious, some always remain rational despite the circumstances. Think about your strong points, write them down in your journal if possible and remind yourself of them often. Acknowledging your strengths can help you in the following ways:

A. You will learn how to maximize your potentials, you can learn to make the best use of them and how to use them to impact others around you positively. 

B. You will not seek validation and approval from people. Let me explain, there are some people whose self worth depends entirely on peoples opinion of them. They aren’t confident of their virtues so they depend on the words and actions of those around them to reassure them. In doing this, they are no longer in control of their life, they have handed over the reins to other people to manipulate at will. Acknowledge your virtues, own them, and it will be hard for people to toy with your self esteem.

2. Acknowledge and work on your flaws/weaknesses: As we have virtues, we also have flaws. It is necessary to identify these flaws AND work on them. It is important to be yourself and accept yourself but that is no excuse for allowing bad behaviour to fester. Some justify their bad behaviour by claiming that’s how they are and that they can’t change. The thing is, allowing bad behaviour to fester means you are allowing those negative characters control your life. Your attitude is your responsibility, and you should take control by working on it when necessary. 

3. Own your mistakes: Nobody can totally avoid making mistakes. So, it is necessary to own that part of your life too. Whenever something goes wrong, you need to think about the part you played in the matter, see what you could have done differently and apologize to the parties involved (including yourself, if necessary). There are some people who never own up to anything, nothing is ever their fault. If something happens, they blame their spouse, in-laws, friends, family, village people etc. They blame everybody around them except themselves. In doing so, they miss a chance to learn and this makes it difficult to recover from major setbacks and downfalls. Granted, sometimes there are external factors involved when an issue arises. However you cannot control those external factors, what you can control are your own actions. Acknowledge those factors but pay the most attention to your own involvement in the matter.

This is where we’ll round up today, the rest will be up by Friday. Please read, like, comment and share.

My mantra for the week: Changing the world doesn’t necessitate earth-shattering feats but rather, doing small things with great love.  Think simple, not spectacular. 

Until next time, toodles.


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