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Weird reactions I have received to my natural hair.

​Hello lovelies, how is everything going? This week had been particularly stressful so I’m welcoming the weekend with open arms. By the way, I still suck at naming posts. I’m still trying to improve.

I live in Nigeria and Nigerians are very good at invading people’s privacy and giving unsolicited opinions and comments. In fact, some see it as a constitutional right. I have received very weird comments about my hair and I decided to share some. Here goes:

1. “Why don’t you want to relax your hair?” 

Me: Errr because it’s my hair and I don’t want to relax it. Simple. This often leads to a follow up question

2. “Doesn’t hurt when you comb it?” 

Ladies and gentlemen, again it’s my hair and I can determine if it’s hurting me or not. Thanks for your concern. 

3. “This your natural hair is so stressful and expensive.” 

Me: Thank you for the observation but I’m not complaining. If I need your help, I’ll let you know. 

4. “You’ll soon get tired of natural hair, you’ll see” 

Me: Thanks for the discouragement. When I’m tired, you’ll be the first to know.

5. Having every headache attributed to my hair. Me: I have a headache. People: It’s because of your hair. When you relax your hair, you’ll be alright. Me: *eye roll*

6. People trying to touch my hair: This isn’t so bad though. Weird, but not bad. The only time it irritates me is if they touch it without permission.

7. “Is this how it’s supposed to look?” No, please tell me how it’s meant to look maybe I missed something.

8. My personal favorite: “Men do not like women with natural hair, they are usually feminists.” The day I heard this I experienced a range of emotions. From anger to disbelief to confusion and back to anger. Like are you serious? Someone once said, as a female (unmarried) in Nigeria, your whole life is an audition for a husband. All decisions, major decisions(like career choices) to minor decisions(like hair) have to be made based on that. Honestly, this deserves it’s own post.
If you are guilty of asking any of the above questions or making any of those comments, this is a Public Service Announcement: PLEASE STOP. Questions like these can be irritating and embarrassing. It just creates a big deal over something so simple and basic as hair.

A friend once told me that naturalistas are very defensive and almost militant about their hair. Well, blatantly questioning someone’s choices by asking those kind of questions will simply push their backs against the wall and make them even more defensive. Go figure. 

This doesn’t mean my hair does not get compliments because it actually does. Some people ask me weird questions out of ignorance and I do my best to answer them, I even try to chip in some haircare tips. However, some ask questions with so much sarcasm and malice that it gets me riled. 

Has anybody make weird/annoying comments about your hair? How do you respond?

Please like, comment and share.

I leave you with my mantra for the week: It’s not what you say to everyone else that determines your life; it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the greatest power.

Enjoy your weekend.


22 thoughts on “Weird reactions I have received to my natural hair.

  1. I haven’t really experienced any questions laced with sacarsm and malice. Or maybe I have but I tend to view them as questions asked out of ignorance. Like you rightly pointed out, it is your hair and you can style it whichever way you choose, certainly not anybody’s business. Thing is, I really don’t allow peoples’ opinions get to me. Everybody is entitled to his own opinion. Full stop.

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  2. I just started on this natural hair journey ooo and I’ve been getting some comments synonymous to 1 & 4. I’ve gotten some compliments too and other people are just confused on why I’m going through this 😂😂😂 like you said it’s my hair totally none of their business. Please kindly drop your IG handle I’d love to follow you there


    1. Hair is just like every other venture, you’ll get both admirers and naysayers, just have fun with your hair. My IG handle is temiloluwaakhigbe. Unfortunately, it’s like a desert. I’m working on improving that though. Thanks for replying.

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    1. Relaxers are a big deal here. Till recently, most women who avoided relaxers did so for religious reasons. Natural hair was seen as weird, strange and even wrong. Thankfully, natural hair is gradually gaining acceptance.


  3. ”…Nigerians are very good at invading people’s privacy and giving unsolicited opinions and comments…”
    This statement is so true! Especially the older ones… sometimes I feel like their lives are over, hence, they don’t want you to live yours to the fullness.

    Love this post! Whatever i choose to do with my hair is entirely my concern, not anybody’s.


  4. Wow, I love the way you replied all those weird comments. My sister once asked if I went natural because my boyfriend asked me, I was mad at her for saying that, I told her I will never let a guy make such decisions for me.
    I get the natural hair is so expensive and stressful comment a lot too.
    Someone once told me she can never go natural even if she was given #1m to do so, told her natural hair will be a beauty standard soon.

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