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Pocket friendly natural hair products (2)

Hello beautiful people, how was the weekend? Today is Monday and its back to the grind.
Previously I shared one budget friendly product here Today I’ll be talking about the: ORS olive oil replenishing conditioner.


I started using this conditioner while transitioning and it has been useful for me since.
I continued using it after my big chop, but it stopped conditioning my hair well after a while. I left it for sometime then I tried it again; I added Emily Millionaire coconut and herbs cream to it and it worked fine.
Now, I use it in various ways; I can use it by itself, with the Emily Millionaire cream or I use it as a base and add other stuff to it. Whichever way, it works just fine and my hair is left soft, shiny and well moisturized.

It has great slip and detangling is very easy afterwards. I like the consistency, it’s not too thick and not runny, very easy to apply.

The first five ingredients are: water, soybean oil, glycerin, olive oil and hydrolyzed collagen. The first five ingredients listed on a product are usually the most important and these are quite okay. Collagen is a protein added to hair care products to increase elasticity and to repair damaged hair.

The packaging is very nice, the bottle is transparent and squeezable so you can use every last drop.


It has a strong citrus scent that I do not like, I usually like the smell of citrus but this one doesn’t go down well with me. People seem to like the smell though.

Silicones are listed as part of the ingredients, I don’t really mind that since it does it’s job well.

I got this from a store in my area for 1000 naira, the price may vary based on where you buy it. 12 ounces for 1000 naira is a good deal if you ask me. You can find it in supermarkets, hair salons and online stores.
So that’s number 2, an effective deep conditioner that’s very affordable.
To be continued…


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