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Pocket friendly natural hair products (1)

Hello beautiful people, how is life going? The way the Nigerian economy is set up these days isn’t funny at all, I hope it gets better. This is the time to look for products that are effective and also pocket friendly. On that note, I want to share some very affordable products I use for my hair.
The first is: Emily millionaire coconut oil and herbs.


This product has been with me since my relaxed days, when I did my big chop I still had some of it left so I came up with ways to use it for my natural hair. These are the ways I use it:
1. To prepoo my hair: It works very well as a prepoo. I simply apply it on my damp hair, pop on a shower cap and leave it for an hour or two. When I shampoo my hair, it feels really good and detangling my hair is a breeze.
2. As a deep conditioner: when my hair was still really short, I used it as a deep conditioner and it worked really well. After a while, it didn’t condition my hair as well as before so I stopped using it. Recently, I decided to mix it with my ORS deep conditioner which no longer worked for my hair and I added some honey to the mix. The results were amazing!! My hair felt very soft afterwards, so I’m back to using it as a deep conditioner.
3. For hot oil treatment: I saw a lot of oils listed as part of the ingredients so I thought to try it and guess what? It worked. I simply put some in a container and heat it up for a while and apply it, pop my shower cap on and rinse it off later. It really works.

It’s a bit thick

It can also be used to seal hair after moisturizing, though I don’t do that.

The major downside of this product for me is the smell, I hate strong smells and this product has a really pungent smell. I used it once as a sealant and I had to rinse it off later that day because the smell was too much for me to handle. The smell is also the reason I don’t use it overnight, I’ll not be able to sleep with it. I don’t think people who react to strong smells can use it.

Another downside is the packaging, they can certainly do better with that. I feel like beautiful packaging sells products because it attracts people to it. If I wasn’t already familiar with this cream, I’ll probably not give it a second glance on the shelf. Also, there are so many spelling mistakes on the pack. Because of all this, I tear off the protective wrapper immediately I open it.


I also have issues with the ingredients: there are certain listed ingredients like bergamot oil, saint basil, banana jam, placenta, Orange peels. I don’t understand what all those are doing there but I keep using it because of all the other ingredients I love.


You can find Emily Millionaire coconut and herbs in stores and it’s very affordable. I bought 300 grams for 400 naira only, it might cost more or less depending on where you buy it.
So there you have it, a super duper product that is very pocket friendly.
To be continued tomorrow.
Until next time, toodles.


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