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Hello beautiful people, so today I’ll be talking about flaking. I’ve had bad experiences with flaking in the past and I’ll like to share how I handled it.

My first encounter with flaking was when I “attempted” a wash and go. Imagine my dismay when I got out and people were looking at me strangely. When I looked in the mirror, it was as if a bag of flour was emptied on my head. I had about 2 other bad experiences with flaking till I decided to do something about it. These are some of the tips I have used to prevent flaking.

  • Test product combinations: Flakes are usually formed when you use products that do not blend well. I discovered that the combination of Beautiful Textures leave in conditioner and Cantu coconut curling cream caused flaking for me. It is advisable that you rub the products you intend to use between your palms to test it. If the products blend well, you have a winner but if white clumps form, then it’ll surely result in flaking.
  • Allow leave ins settle for a while before using styling gel: I allow my leave in products (leave in conditioner and styling cream) to settle for about 10 minutes before applying my hair gel. I found that this reduces flaking.
  • Reduce Amount of Product: Using a lot of product can contribute to flaking, the hair may not need that amount of product. I discovered that using a lot of product causes small white flakes to appear on my head. So, minimize the amount of product you use.
  • Not rinsing out conditioner properly:  I made this mistake once and the results were unpleasant. The remnant of the conditioner can combine with the gel and cause flaking. So, it is important to rinse out conditioner thoroughly if you intend to apply gel afterwards.
  • Use products of the same brand: I discovered products of the same brand usually work well together. Now I use Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner with Cantu coconut curling cream and Cantu twist and lock gel and this combination has worked for me.
  • Spritz the hair lightly: If flakes are already formed, you can apply oil to reduce the flaking. Spritzing my hair with a mix of coconut oil and water has helped me reduce the appearance of flakes.

So, these are the tips that have worked for me; I hope they work for you too. Till next time, Adios.

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10 thoughts on “HOW TO PREVENT FLAKING

  1. how about natural products we can use to prevent flaking? I find out that no matter the amount of products; little or not, I still get the flakes… I use shea butter but I don’t like the smell that much… If you can provide all natural tips, I will so love it…

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    1. You can try lighter gels for styling, some people recommend flaxseed gel but I haven’t tried that. However I have tried aloe gel and I found that it is less likely to cause flaking than heavier gels like eco styler. Also, you shouldn’t use products on hair that is dripping wet. You can also try applying a light oil (like coconut oil or grapeseed oil) between products. Hope these tips help. Thank you for reading🙇


  2. I realized that my whole hair turns white even with so little leave in conditioner.Every of my attempts at the wash and go(as easy as it seems) has always been a flop for me cos the combination of the cantu leave-in and then ecostyler flakes so much.Got tired of…A wonderful read tho..ill give it a try.I really hope it helps.Thanks a lot.appreciate!

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